Design Standards-based Curriculum and Instruction

Curricuplan is the curriculum management solution for designing high quality standards-based curriculum and instruction. Using Curricuplan, your school or district can write, revise and analyze your curriculum maps, instructional resources and assessments to prepare your students for success.

  • Manage and deliver curriculum online to create the 'big-picture' for curriculum decision-making.
  • Design, distribute and share instructional resources and assessments.
  • Align curriculum and instructional plans to National, State and Local Standards.
  • Create Analysis Reports to identify gaps and repetitions both horizontally and vertically.
  • Build smooth transitions between all education levels and target potential areas for integration.
  • Schedule instructional plans and create an online Planbook.
  • Identify best practices and provide online coaching using the online Review Process.
  • Promote professional conversations using the online discussions.

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