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Janet Hale

Janet Hale

Janet Hale is a curriculum mapping consultant and trainer who works with rural, urban, and inner-city schools, districts, dioceses, and counties. Janet has taught elementary, middle, and high school students. Her undergraduate degree in Elementary and Special Education, a Masters Degree in Curriculum Leadership with an emphasis in curriculum design, and years of classroom experience provides her with personal insight into the complexities of creating aligned curriculum and providing quality student learning.

Janet assists learning organizations from the moment they are considering curriculum mapping until the mapping process is well established; aids those having trouble with their initiative by diagnosing wherein problems may lie and advising revision to their action plans; and works with those ready for more advance mapping processes.

Mrs. Hale’s book, A Guide to Curriculum Mapping: Planning, Implementing, and Sustaining the Process, published by Corwin Press, is designed to aid those just beginning or those who are further along in their mapping journey.

Janet Hale

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